About Us

Founded in 1995 as a domestic janitorial distribution company, SanaCare evolved into an international medical distribution organization.

In just four years, SanaCare was able to grow its network into hospitals throughout Central America. With this growth came a shift of focus into the medical industry. By the end of 1999, SanaCare entered into a partnership with Allegiance Healthcare and expanded its product portfolio to include medical disposables. By 2001, SanaCare was able to further expand its growth into the Caribbean and Latin America.

SanaCare’s success throughout the Americas continued to grow, paving the way for its new role as a master re-distributor of top tier medical manufacturers.

Today, SanaCare’s primary objective is to nourish its existing business relationships and develop new partnerships with manufacturers seeking to penetrate the emerging markets. With a sole focus on medical distribution, SanaCare’s portfolio continues to grow in large part to its expertise and dedication to customer service.

Our Team

Frank A. Maresma

President & CEO

Mike Maresma

General Manager

Tony Falcon

Director of Sales

Lisbet Gonzalez

In-House Doctor

Michelle Maresma

Account Executive

Christopher Carvajal

Regional Sales Manager