Premier Medical Distribution

SanaCare is a premier medical distribution company operating for nearly two decades internationally throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships, SanaCare represents a select group of the world’s top medical supply companies.

SanaCare Business Edge

for Suppliers
for Customers

Performance, expertise and trust are at the core of our business. Through a combined 85 years of experience, we’ve built valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, which has led us to become both experts in the field and extremely knowledgeable of the regulatory landscape in Latin America. A family-owned and operated company, we’re proud to say we are on solid financial standing, have a positive credit history and an unmatched payable record. Our distribution network is secure, professional and thoroughly vetted.

To further reinforce our industry position, we’ve developed strong relationships with customers whom act as the industry watchdogs for trade and patent infringements. We are FCPA compliant and are certified/licensed by the State of Florida to distribute pharmaceuticals. While self-financed, we maintain close ties with financial institutions. We understand the culture of emerging markets, and bear the financial risk for all international markets.

Additionally, we offer our partners a host of other leading services, including:

  • Providing a fulltime advisory board comprised of industry leaders to assist in direction & strategic growth.
  • Employing a rigorous vetting process of each of our customers.
  • Validating our customer’s compliance, which is held to our same high standards.
  • Alleviating the hassles of supplies, maintaining numerous smaller customers through one solid relationship with SanaCare.
  • Providing limited ship-to points in order to simplify logistics.
  • Maintaining adequate quantities in stock to support customer needs.
  • Restricting the sourcing/distributing of competitive products for customers.
  • Not operating as “Box Movers” but rather dedicated professionals who understand our products, our competitors and their products and what it takes to capture the necessary market share of each territory.
  • Building market share for supplier’s brands.
  • Being fast to market.

Small enough to sidestep red tape, big enough to provide world-class customer service and attention to detail; welcome to the world of SanaCare, proud to be family owned and operated. As a licensed pharmaceutical distributor with the State of Florida, we are focused on continually growing our product bases to support our customer’s growth.

We are constantly improving and evolving as markets, products and technologies change, as our size and expertise allows us the ability to be adaptable and stay on the cutting edge of our field. Bringing customers solutions is what we do best; feel free to contact us to see how we can deliver the same for you.

The wealth of benefits we offer customers include:

  • Serving as a conduit/liaison between manufacturers and distributers.
  • Consolidating non-competitive merchandise.
  • Loading & preparing containers for export.
  • We are a master re-distributor; we only sell to distribution partners and have the best negotiated rates in the industry.
  • We have the ability to offer credit terms to customers to allow for growth.
  • We provide technical support and on-the-job training overseen by a full time medical professional.
  • We have the ability to act as sourcing agent to satisfy customer’s needs.